Scientific and logical reason to be Vegetarian

 In most of the vegetarian campaigns, we hear about animal love, kindness, various religious aspects and many more. But, do you know there even exists a scientific reason which inspires us to be a staunch vegetarian? 

In this article we will be discussing the scientific reason to be a vegetarian.

First of all, what is the basic difference between a plant and an animal?

It is the presence of  Nervous system. Unlike animals, plants they do not have nervous system. And Mr. Sudhansu Trivedi has explained it so well by giving the reference of Law of Thermodynamics.
According to Law of Thermodynamics,  when two objects of different energy level, come in contact with each other, then the energy level starts flowing from higher level to the lower level.  
So, with this reference, Mr. Sudhansu Trivedi further explains that when we eat meat, then along with that meat, we also eat the consciousness of that respective animal.

So, Let me give you an example of a Goat.  Suppose we are eating goat's meat. When we are eating the meat of a goat, then along with goat's meat, we are also eating goat's consciousness. So according to that law, inside our body there is a  contact between our human consciousness and the consciousness of a goat. So, the consciousness of human being is higher than  the consciousness of a goat. So, when these two consciousness  or these two energies come in contact with each other, then, what he had said? He had said that in such a case, energy starts flowing from higher level to lower level. So you see, human consciousness is of higher level and goat consciousness  is of lower level. So, the energy starts flowing from human consciousness  to goat consciousness.

In simple words, it means that after eating goat's meat, we  start cultivating the consciousness of a goat within us. Similarly, when we eat buffalo's meat, our consciousness starts being like that of a buffalo. And it's the same with any other creature.

So, if we want to maintain our human consciousness, then we need to stop intaking the consciousness of the lower species by eating their meat. In simple words, we need to be vegetarian.

Now let's talk about the burning issue of today's world "Depression" 

In many research articles, and in the videos of famous personalities like Sadhguru, BK Sivani and many more. They have told that, when an animal is kept in a slaughter house, it knows that it is going to be killled.

Now, Let us Imagine ourselves in the position of that animal which is kept in  a slaughter house and which knows that it is going to be killed. We don't need to think any further, we just need to recall the moments of COVID-19  (CORONA) once again. The level of fear, the fear of death, we know it right?  
Just like we human beings, animals also fear death, so when they know that they are going to be killed, various negative emotions like fear and frustration, pain, anger and they start bursting within them. So when they are killed the extreme negativities , the extreme negative emotions are stored in their meat. And when anyone consumes that meat, then s/he is eating not only the flesh of that animal, but also all those negatives emotions that poor creatures has gone through when it was being killed. 

So, you know, it's also even said that it has been seen in many people that when people shifted from non-veg diet to vegetarian diet, then it had worked like anti Depressant Medication for them. So think about it.

Many people say that vegetarians are physically weaker and less intelligent, so for them I would like to say, have a look at Anil Gochikar Prabhu Ji . He is a pure vegetarian, a body builder and at the same time a devotee of Lord Jagannath. And talking about the intelligence, let me tell you that, Leonardo Da Vinci was also a vegetarian. Wasn't he a genius? Hmm? 

Well, they were only to name a few. I hope that after reading this article, you will really make your mind, at least, think about being a vegetarian. Because we are humans so let's be human let's not be demon. You know We are called the superior creature because we are meant to take care of the other creatures. Superior is the one who gives life, he is not the one who takes life. 

And you know, we Nepalese people even our Lord is named Pashupatinath. He is not only the Lord of we human beings, he is lord of all those animals.  "Pashu-Pati-Nath" means the Lord of all the Animals. He is also the Lord of the goat, hen, buffalo everyone whom you are killing and eating. He is Lord of them. And, when we are killing his animals, do you think that he will be pleased with us, just by pouring milk and water on his Shivalingam??

So please, Let's think about it once again. Let's be rational.
Thank you so much for reading this.

Jay Pashupatinath!!