C-ASBA service charge for Banks in Nepal (updated March 2022)))

C-ASBA service charge for Banks in Nepal

Investors can buy primary and rights shares online with the Centralised Application Supported by Blocked Amount (C-ASBA) process which has been implemented on February 23, 2018 in Nepal. C-ASBA is an advanced form of ASBA interface which is claimed to be more user friendly.

Here are the list of Banks in Nepal with their C-ASBA service charge per application.

List of Banks in Nepal with C-ASBA application charges (per application)
Last updated at July 9, 2021; for current updated data visit your respective Bank’s website for standard charge sheet.

For updated data visit your respective Bank’s website for a standard charge sheet.

C-ASBA Charge of Commercial Banks

Banks With Free C-ASBA Charge

MEGA - Mega Bank - Free
NABIL - Nabil Bank - Free
RBB - Rastriya Banijya Bank -Free
NICA - NIC Asia Bank -Free
 SCB -  Standard Chartered Bank - Rs. 100

LBL -   Laxmi Bank - Rs. 25
SBI  -  Nepal SBI Bank - Rs. 25
NBL -   Nepal Bank -Rs. 25
CCBL  -  Century Commercial Bank - Rs.25

CZBIL  -  Citizen Bank - Rs. 20
EBL   - Everest Bank - Rs. 20
HBL  -  Himalayan Bank - Rs. 20
KBL  -  Kumari Bank - Rs. 20
NIB -   Nepal Investment Bank - Rs. 20
NMB - NMB Bank - Rs. 20
CBL  -  Civil Bank -  Rs. 20
SANIMA  -  Sanima Bank -Rs.20

GBIME   -  Global IME Bank - Rs.15

SBL  -  Siddhartha Bank -Rs.10
NCCB  -  Nepal Credit And Commercial Bank - Rs.10
MBL  -  Machhapuchhre Bank - Rs. 10
NBB  -  Nepal Bangladesh Bank - Rs. 10
PRVU  -  Prabhu Bank - Rs. 10
PCBL  -  Prime Commercial Bank - Rs. 10
SRBL  - Sunrise Bank - Rs. 10
ADBL  -  Agricultural Devleopment Bank - Rs. 10
BOKL  -  Bank Of Kathmandu - Rs. 10

NBL -   Nepal Bank - Rs. 10

C-ASBA Charge of Development Bank & Finance

GBBL  -  Garima Bikas Bank - Free                                                                                                     MNBBL  - Muktinath Bikas Bank - Rs. 10
LBBL  -  Lumbini Bikas Bank - Rs. 10
KSBBL  -  Kamana Sewa Bikas Bank- Rs. 20                                                                                            ICFC -  ICFC Finance - Rs. 25



Application Supported by Blocked Amount (ASBA) is a process for applying to public/rights issues submitted by investors by blocking the application money in their bank account while subscribing to the issue.

What is C-ASBA Charge?

C-ASBA will ensure centralized posting and verification of bank account numbers and DMAT account numbers ease monitoring of double application for issue managers and share registrars, cancellation of application upon double applications and prepare a final report for securities allocation.

On Falgun 11 2074, CDS and Clearing limited implemented an advanced form of ASBA system called C-ASBA. SEBON also initiated the ASBA process that enabled individuals to apply for shares through their banks. Now, with the help of this system, investors can buy IPO, FPO, Right Shares, Mutual Funds, Debenture online through the Mero Share service.

Mero Share

Mero Share application is the on-line system developed by CDSC through which the shareholders can apply application for IPO/FPO/Rights issues once they are registered through C-ASBA.

C-ASBA is provided by (almost every) Banks in Nepal from all over its branches inside and outside Kathmandu. To avail the facility, just fill up the C-ASBA registration form and submit to (your) any nearest (Bank) branches.