Let's Spread Love♥️

How often do we find it easy to criticize others?

Do we ever stop for a while and think why are we even criticizing them?

1. They did something which YOU BELIEVE was not needed.

2. They did something which YOU WOULD NEVER LOVE TO DO.

I nowhere mean I have never criticized anyone but as I sat down today and realized “What they do and I do not, makes me different from them and they from me.”

– Someone may be a total make-up addicted and someone might love not to put any makeups.

– Someone may love to keep posting in their social medias and some may never do that.

– Someone may be always talking about economy and the world and the other may be busy with their tik-toks.

So basically that is the reason we are different from each other. That is why “YOU ARE YOU” and that is why “I AM ME”!  

What if all of us have same tastes, same thoughts, same values and same beliefs?

Unless and until, what I do harms someone else or what someone else does harms me, I believe we should not be so much judgmental . Let them live their parts of life and let us live ours 😊

Let us just do one thing; spread as much positivity and love as you can and in worst case if you can’t, keep the negativity you have just with you 😊

Stop being judgmental🙏🏻

If they are wrong, correct them, if you are wrong, correct yourself but do not judge😊🙏🏻 ♥️